1. At the Market

    October 7, 2013




    I can’t believe it’s August already! This summer has flown by– I’ve been trying to make the most of it, though, and head out on lots of little adventures with my family and friends. One such adventure was a trip to Kailua’s newest farmers market. When I lived in Amsterdam, I really enjoyed heading to the weekly market to shop for fresh fruits and veggies (and let me tell you, haggling in Dutch is not easy!). It was great to get back in the market scene and support local! I grabbed a bunch of carrots more for their fabulous heads than any real necessity, but they made a great addition to my lunch salad.

    Don’t tell anyone, but I totally brought the flowers in my bag with me as a photoshoot prop. You would not believe how many people complimented me on them and asked where they could get their own! I couldn’t very well say that it was all staged for my blog ;)





  2. Vintage Roses

    July 25, 2013

    Squirrel & Walrus



    This past weekend I went to a vintage and collector’s expo at the Blaisdell Concert Hall. There were a bunch of different vendors from all over– a couple even flew in from Japan for the show. It was loads of fun, even though I did more window shopping than actual buying! I did enjoy perusing the jewelry and vintage prints– I grabbed a cute bracelet covered with Parisian landmarks and an Art Deco print. I got to enjoy one of my favorite past times, too: mentally decorating all my future houses!

    I’ve been super busy with work for the past two weeks, but one of my best friends from school is visiting next week! I love showing people around and playing tourist for a bit. Do you guys have any fun plans coming up?





    Squirrel & Walrus

  3. Model Talk: Patricia Clariza Runway Show

    July 10, 2013



    One of the things I love best about working for a fashion magazine is all the interesting people I get to meet throughout the course of my day. I’ve been working on profiles of local designers and got the opportunity to interview recent grad Patricia Clariza. After our interview, she asked if I could model in her show. Of course, I said yes! So this Friday, I walked in a runway show wearing her gorgeous 1920s inspired designs. This look has to be my favorite– I love the gold jodhpurs!




    Me and my lovely makeup artist– Vanessa Li. She’s responsible for the gorgeous Clara Bow inspired look I’m sporting. Above right is a shot of me and Patricia, the designer.

    I love being behind the scenes of a fashion show. The hectic atmosphere with makeup artists, dressers, models,  and designers running around just feels like home to me. I was one of the first girls there (my intense fear of being late often results in me arriving before anyone else!), so after I was done with hair and make-up, a photographer pulled me outside for an impromptu photo shoot with some of the other girls. Nothing like a bunch of tall girls all gussied up to cause a scene ;-)

    One of the other designers in the show, Randy Leano, needed a couple extra models for his own runway show, so I volunteered to help him out. Randy was a contestant on Project Runway Philippines and he has some serious talent. I got to wear a gorgeous red gown covered in hand-stitched fabric roses. I felt like an absolute princess!


    Photos by Lyle Amine

  4. Stripes & Flames

    July 8, 2013



    Look at me, being all trendy in my overall dress! I actually found this little dress at a garage sale last summer, but only pulled it out of the depths of my closet a couple weeks ago. Does anyone else find that their closets seem to swallow their clothes?
    In other news, I was nominated by the lovely Ana from Where the Roses Go for a Liebster Blog Award. Thanks so much! So here goes nothing!

    11 Things About Me

    1. I’m really into polar explorers! I’m obsessed with Shackleton and feel like I would have been an explorer had I been around back then. I actually volunteered to be part of a recreation of Shackleton’s journey, but for some reason they didn’t pick me, haha.
    2. I love horse back riding– it keeps me sane!
    3. Studying abroad in London & Amsterdam last year was the most exciting, and scary, thing I’ve ever done. Now, all I want to do after I graduate is travel the world!
    4. I’ve broken my ankle three times– once while playing Karate and two other times playing Soccer
    5. I’m obsessed with skincare! I know an astonishing amount about
      getting and keeping clear skin. Expect a post on it soon ;)
    6. Phillip Pullman’s “The Golden Compass” is one of my favorite books. I read it every year and always find something new.
    7. I was born and raised in Hawaii.
    8. I really love BBC miniseries’– Downton Abbey, Call the Midwives, and Inspector Lewis all have a featured spot on my TV!
    9. My favorite foods are apples and sweet potatoes.
    10. I’m a huge coffee & tea drinker, but I only drink decaf. Caffeine makes me terribly jittery!




    11 Questions by Ana

    1- Who’s the person who inspires you the most?
    I’d have to say my mom, as cliche as that might be. She’s so talented, kind, and creative. And she’s always there for me :)
    2- Which record was the first one you’ve bought?
    Hmm, probably the Beatles. I remember hearing “Here Comes the Sun” in the Parent Trap and falling in love with them.
    3- What’s your favourite thing about having a blog?
    Oh my goodness, so many good things have happened so far! I suppose all the interesting people I’ve gotten to know through blogging.
    4- Is there anything in particular about you (something you like or do) that people find unexpected?
    People are usually surprised by how many food allergies I have! Some people are lucky that way, haha.
    5- What’s the best gig you’ve ever been to?
    Such a hard question! I saw so many great bands last year when I was in Europe. Maybe the MS MR show at the coolest little bar in Shoreditch. It took us about a half an hour wandering around in the rain before we found anyone who knew where it was!
    6- What’s your favourite track at the moment?
    Another hard question! I don’t think I can name any one…
    7- What’s your earliest memory?
    I remember my parents taking me to the beach for the first time and me refusing to walk in the sand. Every time they tried to put me down I would raise up my legs to avoid touching it!
    8- Have you ever met any of your idols? If yes, who was it?
    Not yet! But I have high hopes :)
    9- John, Paul George or Ringo? Mick, Keith, Brian, Charlie, Bill or Ronnie?
     Ringo! He’s so unappreciated and I do have a bit of a soft spot for drummers! But I am going to have to say Mick– something about those lips!
    10- Is there a song, film or book that you can related? Which one?
    As I mentioned earlier, “The Golden Compass” by Phillip Pullman. Lyra is such a strong heroine who manages to deal with whatever life throws her. Definitely an inspiration growing up.
    11- What was the last dream you’ve achieved?
    Traveling to the other side of the world and knowing no one!

    Pass it Along

    I’d like to nominate Deniz from Photostorming, Kristian from Never Fully Dressed Without a Style (once she gets back from her Paris vacation, of course!), Amie from Credit Crunch Chic, Elena from Room 334, Jamie Rose from Petite Panopaly, Sara from Sincerely Sara, Marlen from Messages on a Napkin, and anyone else who reads this! I love finding out more about my favorite bloggers. Be sure to leave a link to your blog in the comments– I’d love to read it!

    Here are my 11 questions for you:

    1. What is your number one travel destination?
    2. What’s the best book you’ve read recently?
    3. What’s your favorite season?
    4. Do you have an item of clothing that has a special memory attached to it? What is it?
    5. What’s the most recent thing you’ve bought? It can be anything from a ballpoint pen to a purse!
    6. Do you have any pets?
    7. What’s your favorite breakfast food?
    8. What’s your secret talent?
    9. Do you speak any foreign languages?
    10. What’s your favorite flower?

    I can’t wait to see your answers! xx Emma

  5. Foxes and Fedoras

    July 2, 2013




    This blog seems to be witness to my many obsessions, first it was hats and now it’s blazers. What can I say, I find what I like and I stick with it! Other things I love include anything with animals on it, so this bag covered in little foxes is right up my alley. It’s a lovely little reminder of London as well, as I picked it up at the Battersea boot sale on my last weekend there- much thanks to Jazzabelle’s Diary for that recommendation!

    I wore this for a little jaunt around Kailua town after grabbing brunch with some of my friends from high school. It was so great catching up with them. Even though I hadn’t seen them in months, it goes right back to the way it’s always been! We are all so different than we were back in high school– it’s really quite amazing how much we’ve changed! I guess that’s what growing up does to you. Not that I’m complaining, mind you, but it’s still so interesting how some things work out. Does anybody else feel this way?

    Happy 4th for all of you who live in the States! Tomorrow I’m going to decorate a float for the parade that I’m walking in on the morning of the 4th. It should be quite fun! What are you all up to?