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  1. Model Talk: Patricia Clariza Runway Show

    July 10, 2013 by Emma



    One of the things I love best about working for a fashion magazine is all the interesting people I get to meet throughout the course of my day. I’ve been working on profiles of local designers and got the opportunity to interview recent grad Patricia Clariza. After our interview, she asked if I could model in her show. Of course, I said yes! So this Friday, I walked in a runway show wearing her gorgeous 1920s inspired designs. This look has to be my favorite– I love the gold jodhpurs!




    Me and my lovely makeup artist– Vanessa Li. She’s responsible for the gorgeous Clara Bow inspired look I’m sporting. Above right is a shot of me and Patricia, the designer.

    I love being behind the scenes of a fashion show. The hectic atmosphere with makeup artists, dressers, models,  and designers running around just feels like home to me. I was one of the first girls there (my intense fear of being late often results in me arriving before anyone else!), so after I was done with hair and make-up, a photographer pulled me outside for an impromptu photo shoot with some of the other girls. Nothing like a bunch of tall girls all gussied up to cause a scene ;-)

    One of the other designers in the show, Randy Leano, needed a couple extra models for his own runway show, so I volunteered to help him out. Randy was a contestant on Project Runway Philippines and he has some serious talent. I got to wear a gorgeous red gown covered in hand-stitched fabric roses. I felt like an absolute princess!


    Photos by Lyle Amine

  2. My Week in Pictures #2

    March 17, 2013 by Emma



    I could not have had a more amazing time in Paris. It really is the most magical city– I don’t think I could ever tire of visiting. This past weekend the sun was shining and there were hardly any tourists about! Judging by how sore my legs are, my friend Ryan and I probably walked the whole of Paris. I don’t know how those French girls manage in their heels on those cobblestones! Our weekend mostly consisted of wandering about and poking around different shops, cafes, and museums. So, basically the ideal trip :)

    I’ve got much more to say about Paris as soon as I catch up on my homework (and go through the millions of photos I took)!



    Earlier this week, I walked in a fashion show for NARS makeup. It was in this stately building near Hyde Park– much fancier than I expected. So I was feeling a bit nervous on my way in! It was so much fun, though. It’s always tough being the new-girl, as all the other models knew each other, but I needn’t have worried as all the girls I met were absolutely lovely! I got all dolled up with a smokey eye and a super tight ponytail. Apparently my hair is rather unruly– I was being chased around with hairspray cans and bobby pins all morning! I really liked my outfit too– I was wearing a dress and jacket from Sameulla Pallmer. It had a really fun “college prep” look. I wanted to keep that jacket so badly! There were four different collections being shown and I loved the others as well.

    I love runway. The energy backstage is amazing and you just feel so powerful when you’re on the catwalk. I didn’t realize until I turned around that there was a massive projection of my face on the screen behind me as I walked. I actually think I’m glad I didn’t know! After the show was over, I got a goodie bag full on Nars makeup. I’m having fun with all my new products and wearing blush for the first time! I just hope I don’t get used to the expensive stuff, because I’m going back to my drugstore makeup when it’s used up!

    Hope you all had a lovely week! Did you get up to anything fun?



  3. Shoot with Elena Pasca!

    November 15, 2012 by Emma

    So, you know how I mentioned doing a shoot a couple months ago? Well, I’ve finally gotten around to posting the images! The photographer was Elena Pasca who was absolutely fantastic to work with. She has such a great energy and a really unique eye. Do be sure to check her out! It was absolutely freezing during the shoot (what’s new?), but I think we managed to get some really fun shots despite the terrible weather. Luckily, it didn’t start pouring until my bike ride home…

    This shot makes me think of the cover of a young adult novel ;)

  4. I, Ij, Eye

    September 30, 2012 by Emma

    The flea market was half outdoors and half in this fabulous old warehouse space!

    I went to the most amazing flea market last weekend! It was called Ij-Hallen and it only happens every few months. It’s a ferry ride away from Central Station, across the Ij, and the crowds getting there were insane. I completely understood the hype when I got there though, as there were 500 stalls of people selling both their old stuff for cheap as well as tons of great vintage and antiques. My poor friend that I dragged along with me, I don’t think she has quite the stamina for digging through piles of stuff as I do! I didn’t get anything particularly wearable, but I did find an amazing vintage Dutch theater costume for 10 euros. The people who sold it to me were the most charming elderly couple– they told me that the outfit had been in their family for years and they were glad it was going to someone who appreciated it so much! I got a couple of little gifts for friends and family back home too. I think my suitcase back home for Christmas is going to be exclusively gifts and delicious Dutch cookies!

    After our endless day of shopping, we went out to dinner at Wagamamas. Apparently it’s a chain, but it was so delicious that I don’t care! Yes, I’m that girl. While I’m hopelessly in love with my Starbucks, I still want to support the little guys first! But I’m sure I’ll be going back to Wagamamas– they even had a separate gluten-free menu, which makes my life so much easier.

    The crowds were insane, but it was totally worth it!

    This is one of the dresses I got at Primark a couple of weeks ago! I just fell in love with the butterfly and flower print. I never used to think I was much of a print person, but lately I’ve been all about the florals. I wore this to class the other day, and I must admit that I got a couple of funny looks. It didn’t help that the heels made quite a bit of noise as I walked down the hallway. I don’t normally wear shoes with any sort of height to them as I’m already rather tall, but I figured I can get away with it now that I’m in the land of the tall people! I do quite like being the most dressed up person everywhere I go, though, and if that means towering over my classmates, so be it!

    On Sunday, I had a photoshoot with a Dutch photographer. This was my second one while in Amsterdam and it was so much fun! My instructions for clothing was “Three times feminine!” Once again, a bit of a language barrier, but feminine is right up my alley. It was just a trade shoot, my time for portfolio work and experience, but I really enjoy spending time in front of the camera. It was quite the adventure getting to the shoot location, though, because it seemed as though every street in the city was closed off for a bicycle race.  I think we got some really great shots, though, I’ll be sure to share them with you when I get them!