March, 2013

  1. Fur for me and you

    March 6, 2013 by Emma




    I wore this little get-up to style stalk at London Fashion Week a couple of weeks ago and I recently re-wore it for a day at the Natural History museum. Only appropriate, right? I don’t know why these two things seem to have similar dress codes in my mind, but there you go! This way I can commune more with my taxidermied friends at the museum!

    I didn’t realize it until now, but I got the the entire outfit at the Battersea car boot. I was so pleased when found this faux fur coat for five pounds, as I’ve been wanting a furry jacket for ages. These fake leather shorts were another happy purchase.

    I had such a great time at the Natural History Museum. I’ll always pass by it, but have never gone in until now. I’ve always loved dinosaurs (anyone remember Dinotopia?!), so as soon as I walked in and saw “Dippy” in the lobby, I knew I was in my element. And anyone who knows me can attest that I do have a fondness for taxidermy. I was only disappointed that there wasn’t a wooly mammoth ;-)