Busses and Boats

November 25, 2012

I’m really loving the fall colors lately and its definitely showing in my outfits. I got this vintage sweater the other day at the Waterlooplein flea market. It’s a bit ridiculous, but sometimes a girl just needs a shirt with a bus on it. It probably used to belong to a 10 year old boy– nothing wrong with that! I do sometimes wish that I could have a more defined sense of style, but I just like to wear too many different things. One day I’ll want to dress in all black with stompy boots and the next I’ll be wearing lace with flowers in my hair.

I went to Rotterdam with a couple of people from my study abroad program yesterday. It was… an experience. It was a nice enough city, but I do much prefer my cities old and historic. Honestly, I think I’m just a country girl at heart. Rotterdam just felt much too modern to me. We took a walking tour of the city, which was interesting, and I got to visit the cube houses that I had heard so much about. They were fascinating and truly an example of adapting to a difficult living space. I can’t complain about decorating my little dorm room, at least I have vertical walls! I don’t think I could manage in such an awkward space, though– the stairs were ridiculously steep and I did bang my head quite a few times on the sloped walls.

The famous cube houses

It was so foggy by the end of the tour that we could barely see anything.
It made for a great atmosphere down at the harbor, though!


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  1. Hugo de Vries says:

    I love the harbor shot, nice moody atmosphere

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