Stripes and Snow

December 9, 2012

This is what’s left of the so-called blizzard that blew through Holland yesterday. It’s still at the stage where everything is lovely and glistening, but it’s quickly turning to slush. I do love the concept of snow, but I’m not so fond of it in reality. Sure, I’ll go out and frolic for a bit when it first starts falling, but I much prefer to watch it snow from my room with a cup of tea. And, to make matters worse, I always seem to fall when I attempt to walk in the snow, no matter how deliberately I step. So despite my best efforts at staying warm, I always end up with a soggy bum.

I feel like I’m hitting up the blogger cliches with this outfit– stripes, mustard, topknot, red lips– but it can’t be helped! I was trying to channel a Swedish vibe, and clearly all bloggers are obsessed with Sweden. The reason for this Scandinavian style? I’m going to Stockholm for the upcoming weekend! You have no idea how excited I am, Sweden has been the place I most wanted to visit and I feel like it’ll be absolutely magical during the Christmas season! I can’t compare to those effortlessly cool Scandinavian ladies, but I can try. It does get hard to look effortless when you wear approximately 4 sweaters and a puffy coat, but hey, I’m from Hawaii. I get cold.


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