Left my Heart in Montmartre

March 27, 2013






Is the title too cheesy? I just couldn’t help myself, I do love a good rhyme. I’ve just got a final few pictures from my weekend in Paris. I hope you’re not getting too tired of them (or of my hat! I swear I don’t wear it everyday, I just feel so much more myself with a chapeau). I think my favorite neighborhood in Paris has got to be Montmartre. It’s a bit out of the way from the heart of the Paris, at the top of a hill that offers the most amazing views of the city. Montmartre is the old artistic district of Paris, where Dali, Monet, Picasso, and Van Gogh all lived and worked for a while. It’s still populated by artists, and the main square is full of elderly painters sitting beside their art and caricaturists offering to sketch a quick portrait. Every turn offers up picturesque alleyways and charming cafes. I honestly could have spent all day wandering the streets. But I had one more stop to make in the Left Bank: Shakespeare & Company, my absolute favorite bookstore I’ve ever been to. The walls are covered with books and the floor is cluttered with overstuffed armchairs, inviting you to stay and read for a while. A dream of mine is to live and work in Shakespeare & Company at some point, as they let artists and writers sleep in the attic in exchange for working at the register.





  1. Noé says:

    I went to Paris last friday : what a shame, I’ve haven’t been to Montmartre (and, never before in my life, ah) !
    But as you say, it has (well, in my mind and in the way I imagine it) this artistic atmopshere, romantic and bohème, with elegant people and a guy playing accordion somewhere.
    I wish I was there in the early 20th century !
    This bookstore seems really nice ! I love the facade, so I imagine it’s also awesome inside… and if you can live a artist’s life and sleep in the attic, that’s the perfection.
    Aah, all this makes me want to go to Paris… again !


  2. Kristian says:

    I am ADORING your travel photos so much. The photography is gorgeous and the way you write helps us get a feel for the area very well. I would work at the bookshop just to live above it too!

  3. miss annie says:

    Oh, I´m sure you could pull it off! And Montmartre has to be my all-time favourite place in Paris (and even if it´s only because I´m always feeling a little bit like Amélie there).

  4. Matea says:

    Great pictures, I wish I could wander through the streets of Montmartre right now, it looks so pretty, I feel like I could easily live there :)

  5. Becky says:

    What an incredible concept that book store has. It sounds wonderful, I’d love to go! A ‘struggling’ writer in paris sounds incredibly apt :) xo

  6. MfB says:

    I have so much love for this city. The photos and are beautiful so is your outfit. Thanks for posting the images and feel free to drop by me too when you have time.

  7. Ting says:

    Happy Easter! x

  8. Vanessa says:

    Wonderful photos! So pretty. Loving the dress, too!

  9. Marlen says:

    Oh my god, what a romantic post. I don’t think any of us are sick of these Paris posts- keep them coming! It’s such a beautiful city, and you really captured it in your photos. I especially love that city shot. And I’m the same with hats haha- they really add the perfect touch to an outfit :)

    xo Marlen
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  10. iEmma says:

    your photos are always so gorgeous!!
    Emma xx

  11. Bold Barbara says:

    I love your style and your cute pics!!!

  12. Katie says:

    What a lovely photos <3 I'm loving them :)


  13. R's la mode says:

    I love your travelling pictures! so gorgeous!

  14. Mariska says:

    Wauw, ik ben jaloers.
    Prachtige foto’s.

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