Time for Tea

September 23, 2012

I took the train to Zaandam with the greatest of intentions the other day– I had heard it was an interesting city and it housed a museum that I was very interested in, the house of Czaar Peter when he lived in the Netherlands. While this is rather a niche museum, I’ve always loved both house museums and Russian history, so I was terribly excited to visit it. It took me ages to find the museum, and when I finally found it tucked between businesses I couldn’t figure out how to get in. After practically breaking down the gate, as I thought it was merely stuck, I noticed a little sign on the window that said “We regret that the museum is closed for circumstances.” What?! What is “circumstances?” I couldn’t help but laugh and I’ve decided that this is going to be next excuse when I show up late to class. Why were you late? Oh, you know…. “Circumstances”

It was not a total failure, I did get to drink a delicious cup of tea and get quite a bit of shopping in! Apparently, Zaandam houses the nearest Primark to Amsterdam and everyone takes the train to Zaandam just to go shopping there. It is located directly across from the train station and practically everyone on the train trip home was carrying a Primark shopping bag, including me! I must admit, I probably spent to much, but everything was so lovely and cheap. I got the most lovely dress and shoes that I’m sure will pop up on the blog sooner or later…

I’ve been reading Wuthering Heights for one of my classes and it’s been putting me in quite the British mood. My tweedy blazer reminded me of a proper English gentleman (which, admittedly, Heathcliff is not) and I love the floral pattern on this dress. It’s even got little birds hidden in with the vines!

I wandered to a little street near my house to take these pictures in mid-morning, as I didn’t think anyone would be out and about to gawk at me. Little did I know that it was dog-walking time… I finally decided to just go for it, when this elderly gentleman stepped out of his front door (which just happened to be the house I was taking pictures in front of) with his scruffy little dog. At this point, I figured I was too far into it to back out so I proceeded to stand in front of my camera and awkwardly smile while he stared. He ended up asking me if I was taking pictures for my portfolio, which was terribly flattering, and I said no, that I was writing a blog about my time in Amsterdam. He shot me a quizzical look and asked if the best part of Amsterdam I’ve seen so far has been his wall! I don’t think the concept of a blog translates that well through both language and age barriers…


  1. Elizabete says:

    Wow, those houses look unreal, seriously i thought they were fake at first, Netherlands is such an awesome country.

    And your hair is so beautiful and delicate, it reminds me more of Catherine than Heathcliff though!

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